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Halloween and Pets

Seems this time of year I see a lot of pictures of people’s pets dressed up as all kinds of things. One of my favorites is a Dachshund dressed in a hot dog costume. I also like a cat dressed as Puss-N-Boots. I have had many cats over the years, and there is not a one of them that would have put up with me putting a costume on them. So those of you who have pets that allow this … how do you do it? Is it the case where you manage to snap the cute picture in the 10 seconds before they shake everything off? What is your secret???

Unfortunately, it is also a time of year where some of us have to be extra vigilant for our pets. Years ago, I had a solid black cat named Sheba. She was an indoor/outdoor cat and was sweet and sleek. But, there are so many crazy people out there that around Halloween, I always felt like I needed to keep her inside. There would always be stories in the paper about people taking pets and doing awful things to them … and a black cat at Halloween was a prime target. What is wrong with people??? I like to think that things are better now, but it may just be that I live in a better area.

I would love to hear your pet Halloween stories … does your dog Trick-or-Treat with your kids? Has anyone ever taken a cat out Trick-or-Treating? I’d love to share your story and/or photo … you can leave a comment or email me at purringkittycorner@gmail.com!

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Che’s Furry Chair

PetSmart - CatLast May, my daughter brought home this little chair from her dorm room. Since she was home for the summer and her old room had no space for the chair, it found a temporary place in our living room. No – it most certainly did not match any of our decor. But Che immediately claimed it as her own. By the end of the summer, the poor chair was so covered with fur, it was barely pink. I swear, this cat has more fur … and it just keeps growing! Once or twice a year, we shave her down … I know – some of you may not appreciate that. But if we did not do this, I don’t believe her fur would ever stop growing. It gets so long that she can’t move her head far enough to get the fur out of her mouth when she grooms herself. And hairballs … and it doesn’t seem to matter how much we brush her, there are clumps of fur everywhere! So we shave her. She actually seems to enjoy the process! She just lays quietly in my lap while the clippers strip away mounds and mounds of fur. Then she prances around – looking fairly odd for a wile. We keep her legs and tail long – so she really does look kind of funny – but she doesn’t seem to care. But I’ve often wondered … does anyone else shave their cat? I’ll post a picture next time we do it – but with winter coming, I think we’ll wait until spring.



One November day, about 8 or so years ago, some friends of ours talked about a Siamese cat that appeared to be abandoned outside their apartment building. He was a small cat, and not very trusting of humans. But the nights were getting cold and our friends were becoming concerned. We told them if they could catch the cat, we could give him a home. It took several days, but they managed to coax the cat close enough to where they could catch him and bring him to our house. He had been de-clawed and was making due with whatever handouts he could find. He turned out to be extremely affectionate – but he was certainly a one-person cat. If you were that one person, then he was affectionate to the point of annoyance. Such a sweetheart. Charlie now claims my mother as his human – and he’s a very happy cat, living in a nice, warm home.

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Welcome to Purring Kitty Corner! This new site will offer product links and suggestions on how to make or keep your cat happy and healthy so you can hear your cat purr and purr …

The cat in the picture is my special kitty, Che. Che was adopted from our local humane society eight years ago. When we adopted her, she was very small (although the vet estimated her age as approximately four years), had very short hair, an upper respritory infection, and was starving. She had wandered into the back yard of the humane society and had just completed her quarantine with no one to claim her. Today she is a healthy ball of long fur!

I welcome your cat stories! Take a moment to tell me about your special kitty.

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